Dimkat Construction

The company KATSELIS AND CO. LP with the distinctive title DIMKAT CONSTRUCTION is in the field of activity of study, supervision, manufacture and maintenance of all kinds of Renewable Energy Sources, Electromechanical Projects, Security Systems and Energy Saving Systems.

The history of the company in electrical, mechanical and security systems applications dates back to the 1990s and more specifically in 1993 (as KATSELIS A. DIMITRIOS). The study and construction of large industries such as PEPSICO-Greece, TUPPERWARE, MONOSTYR SA, AVIP SA, BRAVO SA, KORPI SA, MARIS POLYMERS SA etc., as well as supervision, construction and maintenance of public facilities such as KAT Hospital. and contracting for municipal facilities have the signature of our company.

Credible  and reliable choice for any investor, because it provides completed energy solutions from the design and construction to the supervision of the area. The award of our work, as well as the recognition of our know-how in the industry, give us the impetus needed to continue even more vigorously.

  • Net Metering
  • Home Photovoltaic Systems
  • Industrial Photovoltaic Systems
  • Photovoltaic Parks (Fixed and Trackers)
  • Autonomous Photovoltaic Systems

20 years of experience in electromechanical applications by constructing small- and large-scale electromechanical projects (industries), conducting electromechanical studies and implementation of installations taking into account the proper operation and performance of the project.

  • Electrical Panels
  • Medium Voltage Substations
  • Certificates
  • Industrial Automation - PLC

DIMKAT specializes in the design and implementation of digital security systems, space surveillance (Closed audio and video relay systems), fire detection and telemetry systems ensuring safety, primarily individually and subsequently of the area.

  • Security systems
  • Fire detection
  • Telemetry

Net Metering

By the term net metering we mean the energy offsetting of generated-consumed energy through self-generation and self-consumption by RES. (photovoltaics and wind turbines).
In a nutshell, the consumer is allowed to cover one or all of his or her own consumption, which practically means a substantial exemption from PPC bills for 25 years (25-years association agreement).
Energy offsetting is the offsetting of the energy produced by the photovoltaic system with the energy consumed at the plants of the self-producer, which is carried out on an annual basis.


Investing safely in renewable energy sources

In the following decade, the company, anticipating the needs of society and following the evolution of science and technology, realized the strong need in energy saving by using renewable sources, such as the sun, wind etc. So, it became one of the pioneer companies with the solar thermal installation at the Special Abilities Foundation in Vathy, Avlida. Thereafter, especially since 2006, it has deepened into photovoltaic systems and wind turbines, as for the first time the government motivated future investors for such kind of investments.

Renewable Energy from our Projects
Less CO2