Energy, anytime, anywhere. That is how someone could characterize the autonomous PV system. Such kinds of systems are not widespread in our country as they refer to cases where there is no electricity from the PPC network, however many consumers are led to such solutions in order to get rid of the bloated bills.

There are many cases where PV generators are combined with generating sets or small wind turbines for full autonomy from the PPC network. It is a fact that most applications are found in remote areas (e.g. holiday homes) or moving vehicles, such as caravans.

The autonomous photovoltaic system, in addition to the PV generators and inverters, also includes their respective electric batteries and charging regulators.

An advantageous solution, without any bureaucracy (applications, supporting documents, etc.) for your exemption from the PPC account. but also, to get electricity wherever you are.

Our company has integrated completed facilities and they are at your disposal at any time.