Security systems

In the times we live in, the need for a sense of security leads us to choose different ways to protect, first of all, ourselves and our property.

Our company, recognizing this imperative need, offers integrated solutions to security systems being licensed to install and provide security services by the Greek Police.

Our many years of experience have led us to the conclusion that quantity does not play a role in the installation of security systems but the way in which it is installed. Such kinds of systems are either alarms or surveillance cameras. These two, can of course, be combined.

DIMKAT, as in all its facilities does, uses, also in here, materials from the most trusted companies. Initially, an on-site visit occurs and looking at the needs required for its safety we propose in detail what it should be applied. A detailed study and an offer for the installation are listed. Subsequently, if there are no wiring from the original electrical installation, the wires are routed in such a way that they are not visible (for aesthetic reasons at home) and do not coexist with power cables to cause signal distortions (industries). RADAR, Door-Window Traps, breakage detectors where required, layouts that they create umbrellas around the installation, cameras and control centers wherever the study indicates, are placed.

Finally, you will be able to control remotely your installation by

  1. a) taking a text message to your cellphone in case your alarm sounds
  2. b) visual monitoring of your installation either by PC or smart phone.

Of course, all these, upon request and according to the customer’s wishes.

All of these systems can work in combination and apply to homes, industries, businesses (shops, cafes, etc.) and of course to PV installations.

Fire detection

Combined with the fire safety of the area, the maximum possible protection is ensured in case of fire.

Our company’s implementation in time with the study and installation of fire detection and fire protection systems, our specialized and continuously trained staff as well as our cooperation with the largest fire safety systems companies enables the implementation of systems of any scale and application.


Through the web-based telemetry systems offered by DIMKAT, the client-investor is able to directly monitor the photovoltaic investment. Monitoring production, losses, finances, etc. is done in real time.

Through our Control and Telemetry Center (KET) which is operated at our offices, we closely monitor the data of contracted installations (roofs & parks) to ensure its continuous operation at maximum productivity rates and thus the best return on your investment.

Data flow control is not only limited to the theoretical results of your installations (resulting from modeling and simulation) but is constantly at odds with the data of the other installations under our surveillance.