Electrical Panels

In all types of electrical panel installations, our company uses materials from the most reliable companies on the market which are certified with CE and IP (related to sealing).

Household Electrical Panels
The home electrical panels are modern, easy to use and comfortable, ensuring maximum facility security with the imperative exist of leakage relay and secure all appliances separately.
In an electrical installation the most important part is its safety and functionality.

Industrial Electrical Panels
In larger units, the electrical panels are accessible only by qualified staff and, first of all, ensure the safety of employees and after machinery. Obviously, the same standards are followed but these facilities are of larger scale and more automated.
Under no circumstances signal or network transmission cables (internet, alarm, cameras) coexist on the same board with power currents as there are alterations.

Medium Voltage Substations

Our company has many years of experience and qualified staff in the installation and maintenance of medium voltage substations. The substations are located in facilities where the consumption of a private or public building exceeds 135 KVA in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities. Then we need a substation installation.

Outdoor substations (Kiosks) with power up to 1250 KVA have standard dimensions and are manufactured in accordance with Greek regulations and IECs.

The substation is divided into the medium voltage equipment space, the power transformer space and low voltage equipment space. Each substation area is individually accessible with doors with security locks and padlock. The door of the medium voltage area latches mechanically with its corresponding interior equipment.

For the maintaining of the temperature of the Substation within the prescribed limits, except for the layout that it assists the natural ventilation of the spaces, the roof of the substation is coated with heat insulating material, and the Substation has a fan that it is activated by a space thermostat.

The Substation is delivered with all its equipment fitted and electrically connected, ready for transport (with the power adapter) to its place of installation. The power adapter can be placed or removed from the Substation from the door of the respective space without removing the Substation cover.

The substation is mounted on a concrete base made according to the designs we give to the customer and is in accordance with the requirements of the regulations and type of power substation (oil or dry type).

In addition to the standard, medium and low voltage equipment as well as the dimensions of the substation can be adapted to the client’s needs.




DIMKAT CONSTRUCTION undertakes the study of your installation and the issuance of the corresponding certification so that you can easily obtain your own PPC meter (clock).
Until recently, the procedure for the approval of electricity supply to our home from the PPS network was a simple process with the well-known PPC Certificate from the Electrical installer given to you with the monogram design on mm paper.
This process has changed and now you need an extensive study of your Electrical installation. In particular, the electrician installer with a special machine measures your entire installation, with detailed measurements and indications and fills out some documents based on the machine having a specific serial number, which is indicated on the form and in the solemn declaration.
Contact us for more information or clarifications to avoid any confusion about the issue or inconvenience in public services.