The development of the home PV system came into our lives after the creation of the “Special Program for the Development of PV Systems in Buildings” by Ministry of Environment and Energy. A program that it will last until December 31, 2019.

  • The maximum permitted installed power in Mainland Greece, the Interconnected Islands and Crete is 10 kWp.
  • For the other non-interconnected Islands is 5 kWp

The home PV system can be installed mainly on the terrace (flat roof) and roof, but also in garages, utility rooms etc. after special permission.

Basic Advantages

  • Quick and immediate depreciation
  • 25 years of guaranteed income
  • Annual income up to 8500 €
  • Increase of the fair value of your property
  • Contribution to environmental protection by reducing CO2 emissions

For the installation of a photovoltaic system, some specific procedures are followed as required by the ISO 9001: 2008 technical instructions. After the interest of the prospective investor, an on-site visit occurred to collect the necessary information. Then our company’s experienced engineers study the available data and design the most efficient solution for your home. We provide you with free of charge the economic and technical study including installation plan, the technical equipment that it will be used as well as the system performance.

Our company collaborate with all Greek banks and can propose you the best way of financing.

We undertake the process of assembling the dossier and everything needed for submitting it to PPC.



1. Copy of ID.
2. Copy of a recent electricity bill.
3. Urban planning permission.
4. Proof of right to use the installation site, in each circumstance, as follows:
a. For installation of the system in a proprietary space by the owner of the area: Title of ownership (copy of a notarial deed and certificate of its transfer to the Land Registry).
b. For the installation of the system in a proprietary space by other (than the owner) main owner of horizontal ownership in the same building: Ownership title as above and written agreement of the owner of the site to assign it to the other main owner of horizontal ownership of the same building, under their own responsibility of their signatures.
c. For the installation of the system in a proprietary or shared space either from all of the main horizontal properties of the building or from one of the main horizontal properties, after granting it.
d. Records of unanimous decision of the general meeting or written agreement of all co-owners of the building under the responsibility of the manager or the main horizontal owner who will install the system, correspondingly.


1. Clearance note for the last two financial years.
2. Asset registry (E9) or ETAK (tax on real estate)

The trained and experienced technical staff install the PV system in your home, making the appropriate tests for its maximum performance.

In 3-4 days the installation process is completed.


Our company, under the initial agreement for the installation of the PV system, is obliged to suggest the maintenance of the system for the time you wish.


Ability to monitor the proper functioning and performance of the PV system wherever you are in the world.