The history of the company begins in the 90s by experienced electrical installers, with sound know-how and passion for the job. Firstly, it becomes known, in the field of electromechanical installations and security systems applications, as “Katselis A. Dimitrios”. Within the decade that industry is flourishing in Greece, Dimitris Katselis undertakes the study and construction of large industries, such as PEPSICO-Greece, TUPPERWARE, MONOSTYR SA, AVIP SA, BRAVO SA, KORPI SA, MARIS POLYMERS SA, as well as supervision, construction and maintenance of public facilities, such as KAT Hospital. Adding to its client base many satisfied clients, it is a reliable partner of many businessmen, active in the wide areas of Oinofyta and Schimatari. Then, the company is growing and new engineers are integrated so that innovative ideas can be combined with experience and application credibility. At the same time, new technological applications are introduced that integrate over time into the completed solutions that the company has been offering so far in the field of energy. Anticipating the needs of society and observing that technology is evolving rapidly,  DIMKAT Construction  discovers the need for energy saving and clean generation through renewable energy (RES) applications. Therefore, he became one of the first companies with the solar thermal installation at the Specialty Disabled People Foundation in Vathi Avlidas and since 2006, it has been leading with the development of photovoltaic systems and wind turbines. It is a milestone that DIMKAT was one of the first companies in the industry, that it has undertaken the study and installation of PV parks.


Today our company is one of the most recognized ones in the field and continues moving on the basis and know-how that Dimitris Katselis has set. A key feature of our company is the promotion of innovation and sustainable development, which is, the economic development that it is planned and implemented taking into account the environmental protection and sustainability with the use of new technologies. Consisting of specialized and trained workshops according to EN ISO 9001: 2008 specifications and staffed by experienced and continuously trained Engineers, it offers complete solutions and services.


According to the standards and following the developments, our company conducts the complete study, installation and maintenance of PV systems, always aiming at the maximum performance of the projects.

Our cooperation with the photovoltaic panel manufacturer Aleo Solar, which has one of the best and most advanced photovoltaic panels on the market, is very important for many years. Also, thanks to the close cooperation with Aleo Solar, DIMKAT due to the many applications it has implemented and the power it has installed in the Greek territory, belongs to the Aleo Power Network and has been certified as an official and exclusive partner of Aleo in the area. In addition, continuing to this tone of the times, the company is also involved in other energy applications, such as heat pumps, fan coil, underfloor heating and the home energy saving program ‘Eksikonomo Katikon’. We start your investment from the beginning and promise a completed result at competitive prices.

DIMKAT, in recent years, provides modern digital solutions  in both monitoring and control of electromechanical requirements level, such as remote-control systems, telemetry applications, and security level through the latest generation security systems such as alarms, CCTV, fire detection systems etc. At the same time, we combine digital communication applications, with the task of deploying networks, call centers and wireless links. Through many years of dealing with the above, and not only, services and the due to the extensive experience of our team and engineers, we provide you with flexible suggestions, quality and reliability of equipment, as well as a relationship of trust.

Of course, Dimitris Katselis’ work in electromechanical installations , both in industry and at home, continues to be a guide to these days, following DIMKAT ‘s key principles in the field, such as customer respect, excellent technical and technological services, credibility, immediacy and emphasis on detail.

We believe that in the coming decades, society will turn even more towards the better management and exploitation of all forms of energy which are abundantly offered by nature. After all, energy is “neither created nor destroyed, but it is preserved and transformed from one form to another.” This quality of energy should we utilize by creating a profitable and environmentally friendly investment.