The telecommunications department of our Company has been operating since 2020 and in a very short period of time, its growth was rapid. Undertakes contracts for the largest telecommunications companies in Greece.

This work concerns energy upgrades to air conditioning with the DANTERM system, automation systems for low energy consumption to the standards set by the European Union and the UN for climate change. Also, change of rectifier systems of mobile telephony companies, change of batteries in rectifier systems for back up, as well as measurement and delivery of DC panels with connection to rectifier systems .. All the above contracts are done by our company throughout the country.

Finally, at a time when fiber optics are the new generation of data transfer worldwide, our Company has undertaken their installation in the areas of Thebes, Chalkida, Livadia and the Northern Suburbs of Attica. More specifically, the works concern the placement of optical fiber within the FTTH program, the blowing from the cabin to the end user, splicing & measuring with the certification with the appropriate instruments for the attenuation of the LO-db signal, as well as management of OTE systems from the sighting of the installation to the delivery to the end user