Our Company specializes in the maintenance processes of RES projects, having more than ten years of experience. The uninterrupted operation of the installation is ensured, through the immediate detection of malfunctions. This slows down the wear and aging of the equipment. This maintenance work is not a standard process for us, as in addition to keeping the equipment in good condition, we also look forward to optimizing the performance of each project. Productivity control, diagnostics of malfunctions and continuous monitoring of the telemetry of the projects, allow us to make technical interventions to upgrade the quality and increase the efficiency of the project. The long-term benefit of maintenance is greater than its cost

  • Why maintenance?
  • Regular Checks
  • Thermographic Controls
  • Lawn mowing

• The uninterrupted operation and high productivity of the installation is ensured through the immediate diagnosis and detection of any fault or malfunction.
• The possibility of causing accidents is reduced, thus protecting the physical integrity and human life (from dangers such as electric shock due to discontinuity of equivalent loop).
• The equipment wear / aging process is slowed down. (In some cases it is an irreversible process, resulting in permanent loss of profits and high recovery costs.) • It is a necessary condition for the equipment guarantees to be valid.
• It is a necessary condition to be compensated by your insurance company, in cases of claiming compensation for insured events (eg theft, natural disasters, mechanical damage).
• The long-term benefit of maintenance is greater than its cost.
• Your time with the installation is reduced to a minimum.
• The resale value of the installation increases, in case of presence of maintenance contracts from a certified company.
• 80% of the failures that occur are due to either complete absence of maintenance or poor maintenance.
• It is provided by law (article 5, Government Gazette 470) in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the electrical installation.


Daily control of
generated power

Replacement of



The hot-spot effect is due to the presence of one or more PV elements that produce a lower current (due to shading, material failure, reverse polarity, etc.) compared to the other elements that are connected in series.

(Potential-Induced Degradation)

This phenomenon is due to the potential difference between the PV cells and the frame of the PV modules. Due to this difference, electrons can be released from the PV cell to the earth, through the grounded PV frame. The PID effect gradually reduces the efficiency of the PV panel by up to 30%.

Also, other errors that can occur in a PV installation are avoided through the following preventive checks using a thermal camera:

This is a service that is essential for the smooth operation of your PV installation. Regular lawn mowing ensures increased passive fire safety, easy accessibility, avoidance of unwanted shading, while highlighting your installation as a perfectly careful investment. We offer 1 or 2 mowings per year, in times when there is increased vegetation (spring and autumn). Finally, we give you the opportunity to transfer the scheduled dates, if you wish.